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Icon Bases

Ready for Customization

Icon Bases - Ready for Customization
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This journal will only be the posting of icon bases. For those who don't know what a base is, it is simply a JPEG image that I have cropped and resized to 100x100 from a larger cap. I don't add any brushes or text or alter the lightness or coloring. You are welcome to save the bases to your own server and customize until they are super-pretty. To see the icons I do alter and re-color then add my icon journal _leahsicons1_ to your friends list.

All I ask for when you save a base if that you do the easy-cheesy steps:
1) Comment (just cos I like feedback so I know what to do more of)
2) Credit to: amottie86 @ its_base_ik1 (even if you customize, just say where you got the base from...whether you post on the actual entry or in a resource list i dont care.)
3) Save to your own server - Hotlinking is just not cool

That's it.
All that's left is enjoying.

I am not sure if I am going to make this community open to multiple posters, but if there is an interest, I will do so. Just leave a comment in this post and I'll grant you posting access like that.

Pictures come from:

lkkaps1 (my personal screen cap community)
dj_capslock (various screen caps)
cap_it (various screen caps)


lkkaps1 (screen caps from my DVD collection)
_leahsicons1_ (my graphics journal)
gimme_graphics (the graphics journal of __hollisterbabe)
jiiive (graphics journal of radiojunk & citylaughter
dont_be_so_base (more 100x100 bases)